Personal Growth

A Better You: How to Become the Best Version of Yourself in the Workplace

May 27, 2019

Many people make it their mission in life to achieve astounding levels of success, which likely means they have already tapped into their full potential. What could be a more appropriate environment to gauge your potential and the depth of your abilities than your professional career? Dave Durand, author, professional speaker, radio personality, and CEO of international media company Best Version Media, says that in the long term, winning the world means reaching your maximum potential.

There are numerous ways that you can reach your highest potentials. These include writing down your goals: while goals themselves keep you focused on what to do next, it’s writing them down that actually keeps you on track. Experts also point to the value of striving for what’s beyond “realistic,” or choosing things that are just out of reach, as well as staying persistent amid the setbacks, resistance, and unexpected circumstances.

The workplace environment, as toxic and challenging as it can get, demands a certain level of calm and mindfulness. Reaching your full potential also means being in control of your thoughts and emotions, working to achieve inner peace amid what’s happening around. Durand, who also co-founded Best Version Media, warns against the silent dangers that could kill your professional life, such as minimalism, having an overpowering sense of self-importance, and being conquered by disordered ambition, which can lead one to use people around to get what they want.

Leadership, finally, is a crucial aspect of reaching your full potential at work – fix your life and problems, but be someone people can rely on and serve as a source of inspiration.

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