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BVM Teams Up With Summit Educational Association

July 1, 2019

Best Version Media welcomed students from the Summit Educational Association to BVM Home Office earlier this month to speak about leadership, career choices and the core values that guide our everyday decisions. An impressive group of high school students from around the Milwaukee area had the opportunity to visit BVM and listen firsthand to several different leaders within the company. Amongst them was CEO Dave Durand, who has been supporting Summit for a number of years alongside his wife, Tammy. The reasoning behind their support is simple:

“We want to help the future generation’s leaders in the Milwaukee area,” Durand said.

Summit Educational Association is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to serve economically disadvantaged inner city Milwaukee students to support academic excellence and character development. Dropout rates in Milwaukee and throughout the nation continue to be a major problem facing our country. Summit encourages students to stay in school through mentorship, tutoring and recreational programs. Virtue-based character programs also give students moral guidance as they make their way through high school and beyond.   

BVM and Summit unite because of the core values shared between the two organizations. BVM leadership often touches on the four cardinal virtues that guide our everyday decisions in life. At BVM, these virtues are built on a foundation of humility:


  • Prudence is the mastery of decision making. It’s desiring what is good, knowing what is true and pursuing what is right. 

  • Justice is the idea that everyone should be given their rightful due.

  • Fortitude is our ability to battle obstacles and overcome our fears in order to achieve what we set out to do in life.

  • Temperance is the restraint we show when it comes to our desires and passions.  


These are virtues we lean on both personally and professionally at Best Version Media and they play a big role in determining our decisions. Students were able to listen our leaders explain the importance of carrying these virtues with them through life and using them to make the right decisions in their careers.

“What’s the most powerful tool in the world?” Durand asked the curious high schoolers. “It’s a decision.”  

Everything starts with a decision, but decision-making is not always an easy process. We have to listen to different opinions to reach the best decision. If we don’t listen to others, it’s unlikely we will ultimately decide what is right. It’s important to consider not only our own virtues, but also those of others around us.

The rest of the speaking panel included both men and women from the top ranks of Best Version Media. Summit students heard Pete Erickson (COO) speak about the importance of communication in the business world. Jenny Foyer (Director of Contract Administration) motivated the students by speaking about perseverance and never giving up when things get tough. Brad Paust (VP of Operations) talked about turning ideas into actions while Katie Wold (VP of Production) spoke about the importance of understanding your strengths and learning from your weaknesses. They are just a few of the panelists that had a chance to answer questions and give direction to the group.

The partnership between Summit and BVM continues to get stronger each year. We’re excited to see this continue while the next generation of leaders excel in the professional world.