Second to None: The BVM Culture

July 29, 2019

As numerous awards attest, the culture at Best Version Media is second to none, and it guides decisions made at every level of the company. BVM encourages everyone to live and work according to our three pillars: professional will, a compassionate heart and a fun-loving spirit, all of which are based on the foundation of humility.        

We create an exceptional environment where individuals can excel to their fullest potential while becoming the best versions of themselves. Our professional development initiatives not only further the Publisher’s financial opportunities, but also focus on personal development, building character and living virtuously – in both our professional and personal lives.   

It’s important for a company to first define the culture it wishes to implement. Best Version Media prioritizes a strong company culture above everything else. We understand the importance of a great mission statement, but know this alone will not translate into a great work environment. A business with an inspiring mission statement and an excellent strategy will not succeed without a great culture. The way people are treated on a day-to-day basis has a far greater effect on morale and productivity than a singular mission statement (no matter how great) ever will.

We believe that, if a company starts with a great idea and implements an outstanding culture, then a great product is bound to be developed through hard work and perseverance. A positive, welcoming culture that’s improved on each day is capable of creating amazing things. There’s a high standard of professional excellence expected of all our Publishers and Home Office support staff, but BVM also understands the importance of a work-life balance.

Best Version Media has an impressive track record of being recognized for an outstanding company culture. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel named us a “Top Place to Work” the past three years while organizations like Glassdoor, Entrepreneur and Fortune have also recognized BVM for its excellent culture. 

The culture BVM created, and continues to improve on, has directly benefited the company. Best Version Media is now one of the fastest-growing media companies in North America. We’ve recently been recognized as one of The Silicon Review’s “50 Fastest Growing Companies” and one of the Milwaukee Business Journal’s “Fastest Growing Firms” in 2019. Fostering positive relationships at every level of the business has helped BVM excel.      

We’re proud of the things we’ve accomplished at Best Version Media, but we don’t share our accolades just to brag. We’re a young and rapidly growing company that’s seen firsthand the impact of a positive, welcoming culture. BVM will continue to strengthen its culture and we look forward to more incredible growth in the years to come.

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