Establishing an Entrepreneurial Culture the BVM Way

August 19, 2019

Businesses are always searching for ways to beat the competition and lead from the front. The best way to make this a reality is to create and maintain an entrepreneurial culture that empowers people to think outside the box.   

Building an environment like this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a concerted effort on everyone’s part. From leadership on down, everybody has to buy into an entrepreneurial culture for it to be successful. Best Version Media’s culture is a key driving force behind all of our decisions — both big and small.    

The entrepreneurial culture at BVM echoes throughout the company. From our independently contracted Publishers to our supportive Home Office staff, everyone is encouraged to share ideas that could improve their ability to complete day-to-day responsibilities.    

Here are three easy things every business should do to establish an entrepreneurial culture:

1. Embolden free thinkers   

Decision makers in the top ranks of many companies often fail to tap into their people’s creativity. At BVM, everyone is free to share their ideas with leadership. Encouraging an open dialogue is important because it generates more ideas, improves morale within the company and could ultimately lead to tremendous results company-wide.       

2. Use failure as motivation 

Mistakes happen, but how a company handles these missteps is critical in building a successful culture. By using failure as a motivating factor, BVM continues to push Publishers to achieve excellence in the sales field. By turning stories of struggle into triumph, our leaders have done a great job of motivating our people.       

3. Be a shoulder to lean on    

Everyone experiences highs and lows — especially in sales — making a supportive culture indisputably important. The BVM community is a big family of entrepreneurs who want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Through weekly conference calls and one-on-one training, BVM Publishers are never alone as they build their business from the ground up. Our leadership does an excellent job of recognizing top performers while lending a helping hand to those who need it.  

Our rapid growth at BVM is largely due to the culture we’ve created and continue to maintain each day. Establishing an entrepreneurial culture like the one at Best Version Media will grow your business and have your people feeling proud and excited to work for your organization. Amazing things happen when everyone shares a common purpose to advance the company forward.

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