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Trending Upward: Why BVM is Proving Conventional Wisdom Wrong

October 21, 2019

You can point to several reasons why Best Version Media is crushing expectations as a print media company in 2019. Nowadays, the print industry gets very little attention as digital content and advertising floods our computers and smartphones. However, if you dive deeper into the performance of print, you’ll see it’s an industry that hasn’t lost any effectiveness with consumers.

In fact, the growth of BVM is a great representation of how the print media industry will continue to thrive during an ongoing digital craze. Let’s look at a few trends taking place in print this year and how BVM fits in perfectly with the trends of today:

Consumer stories are leading the way. 

In order to successfully advertise in print, you have to give readers a product they want to read. Our magazines have an excellent open rate because our readers love learning about the diverse backgrounds of their neighbors. We offer our audiences timely, relevant and local content that they look forward to reading on a monthly basis.

BVM magazines feature a local family in every magazine because we understand what our readers find to be important. While national outlets use the power of celebrity influencers to sell subscriptions, we make hundreds of American and Canadian families the local celebrities of their own communities every month. Our readers and clients are the true stars of our magazines!

Niche is in.

Subscriptions are down for many well-known subscription-based magazines in print. This might lead you to think that all magazines are having troubles in 2019. The truth is that niche magazines, like the ones distributed by BVM, are having a profound impact in their local communities. According to an independent, third-party study, businesses looking to advertise prefer community magazines more than any other form of media.

People miss getting mail! 

Isn’t it exciting to have something delivered to your mailbox rather than your inbox? People are so tired of the constant, digital outreach that physical mail is beginning to make a bigger impact once again. At BVM, we don’t spam our residents with annoying digital content. Instead, we strive to give our readers a tactile experience by distributing beautiful magazines to them – all free of charge!

The BVM model meshes perfectly with what readers and advertisers are looking for in 2019. We’re excited to continue building on these positive trends as the digital world becomes more chaotic by the day.