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Retention Tips: How to Keep the Best Clients Around

October 28, 2019

Building a healthy foundation for your business is all about making new sales. But, if you wish to maintain the solid foundation you’ve created, it’s also important to keep your clients happy by showing them appreciation and providing them with great customer service.      

There are a number of reasons why clients could choose to go a different direction with their budget. The biggest reason (by far) is that they don’t feel appreciated enough as a customer. According to a recent study, 68% of clients who decide to opt out of a contract do so because they don’t feel valued by the business or people they’re working with.   

The good news is that you’re directly responsible for your relationships with clients. Here are three quick and easy tips to help you build successful, long-term relationships:

Express your gratitude. 

Be sure to express your sincere thanks to all your existing clients. They chose you over the rest of the competition – tell them how much that means to you and your business!

Encourage client feedback. 

Welcome any and all feedback with open arms. Hearing what your clients genuinely think about your product or service is one of the most valuable things a business can ask for. Use this to improve your business and to keep clients happy. Customers always want to be heard — and rightfully so. Hear them out, whether it be positive or negative feedback, and show them you’re willing to consider every piece of advice in order to keep them satisfied.

Be responsive. 

Nothing speaks more to customer service than being an excellent communicator. We totally understand that things get busy for salespeople. You might unintentionally forget to return a call or reply to an email inquiry. It happens to everyone sometimes – we’re all humans! Be as responsive as possible and make time for the people who are supporting your business. Limit those delayed responses and focus on great communication every day.

Finding a productive balance between signing new clients to contracts and building on your existing relationships is the best way to build a healthy business. These are just three ways (out of many) that will help keep your current clients happy and positive throughout the relationship. Keep pushing for those valuable new sales, but don’t forget about the people who’ve already helped your business grow.