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Ad Sales: How to Turn Objections Into Strong Partnerships

November 18, 2019

It’s normal for business owners to have difficulty committing. Being able to answer common objections with confidence will help you close more deals and grow your business faster. Here are just a few common objections you’ll hear when presenting advertising options to potential clients:

“It’s too expensive.”

You’ll hear this quite a bit. Step into the client’s shoes: they’re balancing a budget, and they need to make wise spending decisions—just like you do for your own business. In fact, six out of every ten buyers are going to bring up pricing during the first meeting or phone call.

You’ll need to prepare yourself to explain why your offerings greatly outweigh the associated costs. In advertising sales, it’s a great opportunity to explain why, in the long run, the increased exposure for the client’s business will turn into tremendous gains. Explain that the immediate return on investment isn’t the only factor when determining the success of long-term branding. BVM advertising is not designed to be cheap; it’s designed to be effective for our clients.

“I don’t like signing contracts.”

Even a one-year agreement can push away some potential clients. Again, think like them: they’re concerned about seeing tangible results and receiving an immediate return on investment. Best Version Media has thousands of satisfied clients because our advertising strategies take a long-term, consistent approach.

Keep in mind that a radio or television ad could run multiple times in one day. Compare that to BVM magazines, where a one-year agreement means your ad will be inserted 12 times over a full year. Branding is all about frequency and repetition over time.

Our magazines keep businesses top-of-mind on a monthly basis so that local consumers will increasingly trust your brand over time. Assure your clients of the many perks that come along with a long-term commitment—including your fantastic customer service!

“I had a bad experience with another salesperson.”

That’s why you’re there to help. Express how you consistently go above the call to give your clients a great experience with amazing results.

At BVM, our Publishers drop off monthly editions of their magazines to every one of their clients.  It takes some valuable time to do this, but face-to-face interactions at drop-offs are invaluable. It gives our clients the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback about their advertising experience.

“I already advertise enough.”

Businesses can’t possibly receive enough positive attention. If a business owner is already spending advertising dollars online or elsewhere, explain why print advertising is still trending in the right direction. Best Version Media specifically targets local neighborhoods, which means relevant eyes see our clients’ advertisements each and every time one of our magazines is opened. In today’s competitive climate, print and digital advertising must go hand-in-hand to accomplish a complete advertising strategy.

Objections are not the end of the story. Oftentimes, they’re just a short delay on the road to a long and promising partnership between you and a new client. Clearly communicate why your advertising options are the best options available, and enter every sales presentation with the facts to back it up. Gain every potential client’s trust and always strive to maintain a fulfilling and happy partnership.