Personal Growth

3 Keys to Successful Team Building

December 16, 2019

When trying to grow a business, building a quality team is essential. Nobody knows this better than BVM Publishers, who each manage a team of people that helps bring their magazines to life each month. Everyone plays an important role in building and maintaining a strong team. Here are three fast tips to help your team build comradery and become more efficient:

Understand each role.

You don’t need to be an expert at everybody’s unique role, but understanding each other’s workloads and processes will be greatly beneficial. You’ll be able to step up for the team and be as helpful as possible when a teammate is on vacation or comes down with a cold. Learning your teammates’ responsibilities is a great way to improve efficiency so your team never skips a beat.

Show gratitude.

Everyone loves recognition for a job well done. Congratulate your teammates when they accomplish new feats. A few kind words can go a long way to building a close-knit team and boosting everyone’s self-confidence. The more confident and appreciated your team feels, the better their work will turn out!

Communicate effectively. 

Great communication can’t be emphasized enough. Keep an open dialogue that encourages your team to share new ideas and opinions. It’ll improve efficiency and leave you with great results. Everyone has a unique perspective that should be valued amongst the team. It’s also important to be as responsive as possible to keep projects moving at a good speed.

Building a well-oiled machine won’t happen overnight. The only way to build an unbreakable team unit is to work at it constantly. Managing a business requires teamwork – the more you work on fine-tuning the team, the better the results will be. Learn about your teammates roles, express positivity and emphasize great communication habits. Building a successful team is the key to a flourishing business.

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