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Creative Ways to Generate Buzz in the Community

January 13, 2020

BVM is one of the fastest-growing media companies in North America because we understand the power of small business. We’ve helped thousands of them grow over the years thanks to our innovative branding approach.

As a business owner, you know that there can never be enough positive promotion of your business. Advertising is a must, but there are tons of other creative and inexpensive ways to spread the word as well. Let’s look at a few:


Donating to a worthy cause is one way to make a difference, but philanthropy is often more than financial support. It’s an opportunity for you to get involved in the community, meet new people and build credibility for yourself and the business you operate. Spend some of your free time volunteering at a local food- pantry or homeless shelter. It’s a selfless way of showing how much you care about your community and the people who call it home. Get out there and start making a positive impact!

Community Engagement  

Establish a strong presence in your local community by joining business groups, attending industry seminars or joining a community board. It’s often an inexpensive way to make your name more recognizable in professional circles. The more involved you are in the community, the more trustworthy you’ll be in the eyes of the consumer.

Word of Mouth 

Get your friends and family involved and encourage them to share your business with others. Your personal connections are excellent resources, and they’ll be happy to help! Ask your satisfied customers or clients to review your business online so the entire community can see the work you’re doing. You can even offer to be a guest speaker at an event. The possibilities are endless!

These are examples of ways you can promote your business while you continue to advertise in the traditional sense. You are your business’s best mouthpiece. Make yourself known in the community as someone who people want to do business with. Word will spread quickly, and, before you know it, the community will be supporting you all the way.