How the BVM Culture is Leading to Unparalleled Growth

March 2, 2020

Best Version Media has been changing local communities for the better since our company’s founding in 2007. Our founding partners had a vision of success, and part of that vision was to maintain the same incredible company culture that was established in the very beginning of BVM. We’ve experienced unprecedented growth and success over the past 13 years thanks to the highly-awarded culture we live out every day.

Building an inclusive and positive culture is indisputably important. It’s the foundation of every company’s narrative; it welcomes and retains new talent to the brand and establishes a real sense of loyalty amongst those in the business. At BVM, we strongly believe the culture we’ve created is one of the key reasons why we’ve found such great success over the years. When people buy into your company’s culture, there’s no telling how far your business can go.

Best Version Media’s core values can be described by our three pillars: professional will, compassionate heart and a fun-loving spirit. All centered on humility, these are the pillars that guide our decisions as individuals and as a business. Our leadership encourages everyone at BVM to live virtuously in accordance with the four cardinal virtues:

  1. Prudence: the mastery of decision making. It’s desiring what’s good, knowing what’s true and pursuing what’s right.

  2. Justice: the idea that everyone should be given their rightful due.

  3. Fortitude: our ability to battle obstacles and overcome our fears in order to achieve what we set out to do in life.

  4. Temperance: the restraint we show when it comes to our desires and passions.

Our people often lean on these virtues as professionals and in their personal lives. We’ve done something at BVM that many companies struggle to accomplish. We’ve established a culture that’s more than just a simple mission statement. It’s felt at every level of the business, from our Home Office staff to the hundreds of Publishers, Content Coordinators, Designers and Photographers who bring our magazines to life every single month.

Conventional wisdom would tell you a print media company may struggle in today’s digital age, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. BVM began with just a small handful of magazines in 2007 – a number that’s now grown to more than 800 magazines in 2020. BVM is projected to distribute more than 30 million magazines this year to local communities across the U.S. and Canada. This is all possible thanks to the company culture that echoes throughout BVM.

Our company has been recognized time and time again, both locally and nationally, by organizations like GlassdoorMilwaukee Business JournalCEO World Awards, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and many others.

If you’d like to join our highly-regarded company culture by bringing a local magazine to your community, please visit our Apply page to learn more.