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5 Creative Ways to Motivate Your Team for the Daily Grind

March 23, 2020

Sometimes, the daily grind requires some extra motivation. Keeping your team motivated not only helps avoid burnouts on the job, but it improves productivity and could even help your team produce better work. It’s time to start capturing everyone’s positive energy and use it to grow your business. Check out the tips below for five creative ways to motivate your team this year:

Recognize achievements. 

Everyone loves being recognized for completing a big project or reaching a new work anniversary. Build comradery with your team members by celebrating the important milestones and rewarding a job well done. Even a simple “thank you” is usually enough to boost morale.

Avoid boredom. 

This requires a bit of a balancing act. You certainly don’t want to overload your team members with too much work. On the other hand, it’s important to keep your team occupied when things slow down. Plan a quick lunch outing or play a fun game to pass some time if this happens. It’s a fun way to connect with your team outside of the usual work environment – and nobody will be bored!

Offer flexibility. 

At Best Version Media, we understand just how important flexibility is to people nowadays. It’s been shown that 84% of working parents say flexibility (i.e. where, when and how they get their work done) is the most important factor when deciding to pursue a new career opportunity. Provide your people with a work-life balance, and they’ll reward you with even better work in return.

Ask for feedback.

The opinions and suggestions of your team members is the most valuable insight you could ask for. The people who know your processes will be able to provide the best feedback for potential improvements. Support new ideas that emerge and encourage creative thinking – you’ll begin seeing positive changes take place very soon for your business.   

Demonstrate trust.

Micromanaging is a quick way to burn out your people and lose trust. Instead, give your team the freedom they desire to produce high-quality work for your business. This’ll help you quickly build trust with your people!

These are five easy ways to assure your team is motivated and creating excellent work. Tell your team members when they do a great job and offer them a flexible work schedule to lessen the burden of stress. Stay busy but don’t overwhelm your people, and always be sure to ask for feedback from the team. Following these steps will keep everyone happy, productive and motivated on a daily basis.

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