Personal Growth

4 Tips to Help You Become a Better Writer

July 6, 2020

Writing is an important skill that everyone should develop regardless of which industry they’re in or what career goals they have in mind. We all write on a daily basis, whether it’s drafting an email for a client, writing an article or captioning a simple post for social media. Writing is a huge part of how we communicate with one another. While some people feel more comfortable in their writing abilities than others, everyone has room for improvement. Becoming a good writer will prove to be beneficial to your business operations and your overall communication skills.  

Write, write, and write some more!  

Writing is a skill that can be improved over time through repetition. The more you write, the quicker your skills will improve and the easier it’ll become to remember all the rules that come along with it. Nobody is a perfect writer, but practicing is the only way to get better and more confident.

Keep it simple. 

Using long words and sentences in your writing isn’t always necessary. While a big vocabulary definitely adds some intrigue and style, you should keep your writing concise and to the point, especially in a business setting. Give your readers detailed information without becoming too wordy or long-winded.

Use online resources. 

There’s a variety of writing resources at your fingertips such as online encyclopedias, dictionaries, discussion boards and much more. The answers you need as a writer are often just a quick Google search away. The internet is a great learning tool for writers as long as you use reliable sources to find your information. It’s also a good idea to read other people’s writing when you have time. Everyone has their own writing style and different characteristics. Take note of those, and you’ll start to develop a style of your own.       

Always double-check your work. 

Something that every writer should do is seek feedback from those around them. Always try to get an extra set of eyes on your writing before sending your message out. If this isn’t possible, be sure to re-read your writing and double-check for spelling errors, grammatical errors or ways to improve your sentence structure. This step is often skipped, especially when busy professionals send out emails or quick updates, but you’ll usually find edits to make after reading your writing over for a second time. Take the extra few minutes to do this, and your writing will benefit greatly!

No matter what you’re writing, take your time and put some thought into it. Your writing is a reflection of your communication skills, and, while nobody is perfect at it, it’s a skill that everyone can improve upon. Take pride in drafting well-worded emails and messages. The clearer your writing is, the better it’ll be comprehended by your audience and the better your message will be communicated. Use these simple tips and become the writer you’ve always wanted to be.