Personal Growth

4 Ways to Boost Productivity During Your Work Breaks

November 2, 2020

Everyone has the occasional workweek that feels overwhelming or stressful. It’s important to work hard through those challenging weeks, but also be careful not to overwork yourself. Taking breaks during the workday has been shown to have several positive effects such as reduced stress and increased productivity. Read through four ways you can use work breaks to improve your productivity:   

Take a quick walk.

Everyone knows that taking a walk outside is good for your mindset and your overall physical health, but new studies show that even more benefits are tied to stepping out for a quick walk. Walking is believed to improve your overall happiness while reducing stress and loneliness. If you’re having a rough start to the week, try scheduling out a short 15-minute break to clear your mind with some exercise. If you’re stuck inside on a cold or rainy day, try some of these easy stretching activities!

Listen to your favorite podcast or music.

Clear some free time to listen to your favorite podcast or some upbeat music. It’s a fantastic way to get your mind away from your work for a brief moment. You could listen while you drink your morning coffee or turn it on during your lunch break – either way works! Listen to something that will improve your mood and have you feeling refreshed for the remainder of your day. Check out your favorite streaming platform and find something that appeals to you.  

Read a book, newspaper or magazine. 

Whether you enjoy kicking back with a novel, a local business journal or a pop culture magazine, there are so many ways to escape through reading. Pick up your book of choice and breeze through a quick chapter. It’s been shown that even 30 minutes of reading every week can make you a more productive person. Give it a shot!  

Organize your workspace.  

It happens to all of us. As time goes on, our desks and offices tend to get cluttered and disorganized . Take the extra 10 minutes, once a week, to clean up and reorganize your workspace. This is another great way to increase your productivity at work. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to find everything you need without the stress of looking for it.

These are just four of the many ways you can get the most out of your work breaks. Avoid burning out by trying one of these tips for yourself. Stay busy and focused but don’t forget the importance of a work-life balance. It’s okay to hit the reset button and, in fact, it’ll even help you become more productive and happy in your personal and professional life.