3 Steps to Improve Your Mental Resilience

Prior research studies have shown that a person’s achievements are not linked exclusively to intelligence; they are also credited to other factors such as a positive attitude, motivation and mental resilience. Simply put, mental resilience is the ability to adapt to tasks and stay mentally tough when faced with adverse conditions. Entrepreneurs can improve their mental resilience and achieve better outcomes by shifting their perspective, staying positive and building strong relationships.

Put Things in Perspective

When dealing with a difficult task, ask yourself if it will matter in a day, week, month, or year from now. The goal here is not to dismiss the problem, but rather to shift your perspective and focus on the long-term. Smaller problems are short-term and will eventually become irrelevant, so don’t allow them to affect your mental resilience or take away from your bigger goals.

Stay Positive

One sign of a talented entrepreneur is the ability to stay positive when challenges arise. Having a positive outlook is not just something to work on for fun – it can actually improve your recall and memory. A recent Stanford University study looked at children who were solving math problems and found that their positive attitude actually increased their ability to answer problems correctly. Their attitude was shown to improve certain brain functions responsible for memory. To stay mentally resilient, meet new business challenges with optimism and a positive attitude.

Build Strong Relationships

As an entrepreneur, building strong relationships gives you a support system, which is critical for staying resilient. Seek out business mentors, friends, coworkers and connect with creative minds. When building these relationships, always ensure that you have trust, respect, inclusion and open communication going both ways. Cultivating these solid relationships will make it easier to stay resilient because you are not facing adversity or challenges alone.

Entrepreneurial traits are often attributed to intelligence, but there are important traits attached to psychological and emotional health as well. Mental resilience is one skill that entrepreneurs can build to get farther and achieve success. Working on these small improvements every day can make a big difference for you and your business.

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