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As described in our Privacy Policy, we work with certain advertising partners and utilize targeted advertising. These activities may be considered “selling” or “sharing” of your personal information under California law. 
If you are a California resident, you may opt-out of these activities using one or more of the following methods:
Global Privacy Control
You may opt out of the sale or sharing of their Personal Information by broadcasting an Opt-Out Preference Signal, such as the Global Privacy Control (GPC) (on the browsers and/or browser extensions that support such a signal). To download and use a browser supporting the GPC browser signal, click here: If you choose to use the GPC signal, you will need to turn it on for each supported browser or browser extension you use.
Changing your Browser Settings and Preferences
The Options/Settings section of most internet browsers will tell you how to manage cookies and other technologies that may be uploaded to your device, including how to disable such technologies. You can disable our cookies, or all cookies, through your browser settings, but please note, disabling cookies may impact some of the features of our Site and prevent them from operating as intended. You can learn more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been uploaded to your device and how to manage and delete them, by visiting
To change your preferences with respect to certain online ads and to obtain more information about ad networks and online behavioral advertising, visit National Advertising Initiative Consumer opt-out page or the Digital Advertising Alliance Self-Regulatory Program. Changing your settings with individual browsers or ad networks will not necessarily carry over to other browsers or ad networks. As a result, depending on the opt-outs you request, you may still see our ads. Opting-out of targeted advertising does not opt you out of all ads, just those targeted to you.
You may fill out the form below. If you would like us to make the connection between your account and your opt-out preference, please submit the form below.
Please note that we may continue to collect and share personal information about you with other third parties, including to continue providing services to you where sharing of your personal information is for purposes other than targeted advertising and permitted by law. 
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