4 Time Management Strategies To Improve Efficiency

Time management is a critical component in reaching your goals and completing your tasks successfully. Without proper time management, the quality of your work decreases from the rush and stress you experience trying to fit everything in. As you wind down the year and look ahead into the new year, consider applying some of the following time management strategies to improve your efficiency as an entrepreneur:

Prioritize Your Workday

Did you know that there are certain times of the day when you’re naturally more productive? Our energy follows a natural cycle which will increase and decrease as we move through the day. When we’re in the low cycle of energy, we have a harder time making decisions, solving problems and being creative. However, during high cycles of energy, studies have shown that our productivity increases significantly. You can prioritize your work more efficiently if you start noticing when your peak energy times are and utilizing those hours to do your most focused and challenging work.

Schedule Time for Emails

After prioritizing your workday, you might also find it beneficial to schedule set times throughout the day to respond to emails. Floods of emails in your inbox can give you email anxiety, so setting designated times each day to respond can reduce your stress and help you regain control of your time. When the time comes to open your inbox, try to stay focused and disciplined without switching to other tasks. Once you start this strategy, you can adjust the schedule as necessary to meet your needs.

Minimize Distractions

While it may seem obvious, minimizing distractions can be an impactful way to manage your time more effectively. Social media notifications, talkative colleagues, and personal tasks are just a few examples of distractions that can severely hinder our daily productivity. An article from Harvard Business Review suggests turning your phone on airplane mode during periods of focus time, blocking out meeting-free zones on your calendar, and finding quiet workspaces to eliminate unnecessary distractions. 

Manage Your Stress

The daily stress and burnout can be a challenge for any entrepreneur. Managing your stress in a productive way can help improve your overall time management by allowing you the time and energy needed to accomplish your goals. To help mitigate stress, you can set small rewards for accomplishing tasks, listen to your favorite music, and take small breaks throughout the workday.

Practical time management skills can help any entrepreneur reach their goals. Honing these skills can also help you feel more calm and in control of your workday. Scheduling time for emails, prioritizing your workday, minimizing distractions and managing your stress are all easy ways to improve your efficiency and productivity as an entrepreneur.

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