4 Tips to Getting Warm Responses On Your Cold Calls

If you’re cold calling countless businesses every day, you know that some businesses won’t be as receptive as others when you contact them for the very first time. The good news is that there are many ways to improve your chances of a positive, productive conversation that will lead to better sales results. Let’s go through four tips that will help you receive a warm reception on the phone:

Do your homework. 

Before meeting with any potential client or reaching out over the phone, be sure to do your homework and research what the business is all about. Briefly familiarize yourself with their products or services before reaching out to the business. Going into every call or meeting with a base of knowledge is going to help you achieve the sales results you want. Learning about other businesses will help you figure out how you can best serve their needs. Different businesses require different solutions – especially in the world of advertising and branding.

Grab the client’s attention. 

Cold calling for hours every day can become tedious, but starting your conversations off with an exciting or fresh approach is a great way to stay focused and engaged. Your sales pitch should remain consistent from business to business, but it doesn’t hurt to open up each call with a customized greeting for each person you speak with. This is an excellent opportunity to show the business owner that you’ve done your research and have their best interest in mind.

Pay them a compliment.   

Everyone loves receiving compliments! This is an easy, effective way to build camaraderie with other business owners before you dive into your presentation. Paying a compliment shows you care about helping each business and appreciate what they do to serve the community. Think about something positive to say when you meet new business owners and entrepreneurs over the phone. Let them know why working with you is going to help them achieve their goals.

Eliminate or reduce skepticism. 

There’s always an element of skepticism when you reach out to businesses for the first time. They know you’re selling a product or service, but they might not understand why it’s important for them to invest in your offerings. Open yourself up to questions and concerns and explain why the business will benefit from working with you. Acknowledge the business owner’s hesitations and counter their points with clear and concise reasons why it makes sense to partner up.

Cold calling is a challenging task that requires time, commitment and thick skin. You’ll have to get used to rejection, but that’s just part of becoming a successful salesperson. Craft your approach by doing your homework, grabbing each client’s attention, paying a compliment and eliminating skepticism. If you focus on these things, you’ll start receiving the warm responses you hope for as you do your cold calls.

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