BVM Celebrates 15 Years of Bringing People Together!

As we celebrate fifteen years of bringing people together at Best Version Media, it’s astonishing to reflect upon the incredible growth we’ve experienced over the years. Our company’s story is one of humble beginnings. BVM was founded in 2007 by Dave Durand (Executive Chairman), Pete Ericksen (COO) and Paul Lubinski (CPO). After incubating the business model for a few years, we began expanding into new regions in 2012. Best Version Media has been uniting communities ever since!

BVM began with a handful of magazines in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. We now have more than 1,000 magazines in print that serve businesses and residents across the U.S. and Canada. To celebrate, we’re shining a spotlight on all of the people who have helped shape and grow our business throughout the years.

BVM Publishers

Our Publishers are the core of our business at BVM. Our local magazines are only achievable thanks to the amazing entrepreneurs we work with every day who are committed to serving their communities. Our Publishers help small businesses grow while connecting them to residents in their areas. They play a huge role in strengthening the very same neighborhoods they call home!

Content Coordinators, Designers & Photographers 

Our readers and sponsors love receiving their BVM magazine in the mailbox. We work with some of the most talented writers, graphic designers and photographers in the business who care deeply about creating a beautiful magazine filled with local content and inspiring stories. It takes a team to build a magazine each month, and we’re proud to work with so many driven professionals who take pride in creating something special for the local community.

Readers and Sponsors

Our readers and sponsors are also a big part of the BVM family! We often hear from residents who enjoy reading and contributing to their local magazine. Our remarkable sponsors have supported our magazines through thick and thin. We’re extremely grateful for the small businesses who help us bring a community publication to life in their communities. We’re excited to continue helping our sponsors grow their businesses while we spread positivity and joy within local neighborhoods every month.

BVM Support Staff 

We’ve built a very special team at our Home Office and beyond. Our support staff assists Publishers with administrative tasks so they can spend their time focusing on improving their local community. Our staff is an integral part of providing the best possible experience for readers and sponsors everywhere. Our award-winning culture has been celebrated by organizations such as Great Place to Work, Glassdoor, Entrepreneur, Top Workplaces USA and many other prestigious organizations.

Thank you to everyone who supports, reads or creates our magazines every month! We truly would not have made it this far without you. We look forward to continued growth and success for many years to come!

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