How to Maximize Your Workspace To Start Fresh in the New Year

Does a tidy space really make for a tidy mind? Research shows that it does! Having an organized space that inspires you can lead to higher productivity levels and greater focus. The less cluttered our physical spaces are, the less cluttered our minds are. Read on to learn a few great tips to maximize your work space:

Keep a Notepad or Notebook

While our modern workspaces often include electronic items such as phones, tablets or laptops, they don’t always include pen and paper anymore. However, keeping a notepad or notebook by your desk can have several benefits. For example, writing by hand takes more time, which in turn leads to better retention of information. Writing things on paper instead of typing them on your phone or computer also allows you to minimize your distractions and increase focus.

Fill Your Workspace With Positive Energy

Your workspace is where you spend many hours of the day, so it’s worth considering what sort of energy your space is bringing you. Is there a lot of natural light? Are there inspirational objects around? In addition to organizing and decluttering, it’s important to have a space that invigorates you and doesn’t drain you. Consider lighting a candle with a calm scent, opening the windows to let the sun and breeze in, and filling your space with things that increase motivation, such as photos, quotes, or items from nature.

Change Your Location To Spark Creativity

While your typical office space works great for day-to-day tasks, it might be difficult to come up with fresh or creative ideas there. If you find yourself struggling with that, switching up your location for a short period of time may help. New environments, such as coffee shops or parks, could help energy levels and spark creativity.

Switching location also brings different colors, which can help freshen our thoughts. Research from the University of British Columbia found that colors in our environment have a huge impact on mood, productivity, and creativity. For example, yellow increases our energy, pale blues and greens help us feel more calm and in-control, and red enhances our attention to detail. You can use these color tricks to revitalize your workspace as well. If you often feel stress during work hours, try bringing in some of those calm blue and green colors.

As we enter the new year, consider giving yourself a fresh start by maximizing your workspace. Keeping a notebook close by, filling your office space with positive energy, and changing up your location and colors can give you that extra boost to reach your new year goals.

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