Q&A Spotlight: Joe Kenitz

Q: Tell us about yourself! 

A: I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in Economics. After that, I spent seven years in banking as a banker and subsequently as an investment analyst until I joined BVM in 2016. I have enjoyed the work, but most especially the relationships with my colleagues at Home Office and with the field. I am married to my wonderful wife, Kim, and I’m blessed with four children.      

Q: When did you first join Best Version Media and what was your first position with the company?

A: I joined BVM in 2016 as part of the Market Development Department. I currently manage the team and very much enjoy the work.    

Q: Describe the Market Development Department. What are the goals of your team? 

A: Market Development is what puts weight behind the question, “Is this market important for you?” The primary responsibility of Market Development is to create a distribution area for the magazines in a way that is coherent and consistent with the BVM model, but most importantly, attractive to local businesses in a way that brings them on as sponsors for our publications. 

Q: What do you like most about working at BVM? 

A: I enjoy the freedom and trust that allows me to prove myself in the quality of my daily work.  

Q: What have you gained (personally and professionally) from working here? 

A: One of the best parts of BVM is the constant learning and growing. The principles on which BVM attests (professional will, compassionate heart, and fun-loving spirit – founded on humility) require those associated with us to constantly look to grow. That growth starts professionally, but naturally flows to our personal lives and our ability to interact with our families and communities. 

Q: How does your team have fun while they work?

A: We did have a get-together in the summer of 2022. It was a great time to enjoy each other’s company, recreate, and participate in work discussions on a personal level.   

Q: Describe the BVM culture with three words. 

A: Freedom, personal responsibility and comradery.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about our community magazines? 

A: With some benefit, the world has generally suffered in the dawn of social media. BVM magazines help people get to know their local community in a way that is good, without the pitfalls of constant criticism. Utilizing the BVM publications, locals can recognize businesses around them and build up their community by keeping their commerce focused on the places closest to home.

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