Q&A Spotlight: Kat Parrish

Q: Tell us about yourself. Anything you want to share!    

A: I’m from Williamsport, Pennsylvania and I went to college for Education, Art Therapy, Design and Marketing. My free time is all about my children and whatever activities they’re involved in. Basketball is the family favorite – whether it’s playing or coaching!  

Q: When did you join Best Version Media? Where have you worked prior to joining the company? 

A: I joined BVM at the end of 2013 and started working as a Publisher in my area. I was quickly pulled into running interviews for a Region Manager in June of 2014 and I’ve been with the Territory Development team ever since! I’ve worked mainly in retail management and sales but I’ve also done recruiting for a proposal management start-up company.  

Q: What attracted you to working with BVM and what’s your favorite part of working here?

A: When I looked to change the course of my career, it was because I needed more of a work-life balance. I wanted to do something meaningful and impactful. What BVM brings to communities is positive, and even back in 2013, it seemed very relevant and needed. My favorite part of this process has been being able to share the culture with those I encounter. 

Q: Describe our leadership team at BVM. 

A: The leadership team is always looking to grow professionally and personally. There has to be flexibility in leadership, and this team seems to recognize that. They are also very real about the ups and downs of leadership.

Q: Describe the BVM culture in your own words. 

A: The culture is like my compass. When I’m moving in the wrong direction or I’m confused about what direction to take, it’s the culture that leads me in the right direction. The tenets of the culture tend to present themselves at different times in different scenarios. Part of basing our culture on humility allows us to open up and take a look at how we can become a better version of ourselves. 

Q: Explain your role (and your department’s role) at BVM. 

A: I’m the Director of Talent Acquisition and it’s our department’s responsibility to continue to grow the sales team of Publishers all over the U.S. and Canada. We look for those who are attracted to the culture, our magazines, and the mission of the company to bring people together. 

Q: What is the Territory Development Department like? How do you like to have fun while working?

A: The Territory Development team is really a family. We steady each other, we laugh, and we sometimes cry together. We’re the ones at the door inviting people into BVM. We like to do virtual team lunches since we’re all remote employees. We celebrate our victories and give shoutouts to one another. There really isn’t a dull moment! 

Q: How has BVM helped you grow professionally? 

A: When I started interviewing candidates in the summer of 2014, there simply were not a lot of magazines in the Northeast area where I’m located. Helping that region (and all of our regions) grow to where we are now, I look at it with such amazement and pride. Having professional will means that I have built a lot of things that are in place right now for the department. I seek out how to be better each day, and our leadership is continually presenting new ways to grow. The Territory Development Department is always trying to provide growth opportunities – whether it’s an inspiring book, podcast, article, etc.  

Q: What is unique about working with BVM? How is it different from the typical corporate environment? 

A: Anywhere you look right now, you see the importance of culture and work-life balance. It’s one thing to claim to provide those things, and quite another to actually be those things. Our culture is something I believe in so fiercely that I won’t hesitate to fight for it. Guarding the culture has been the complete antithesis of a typical corporate environment. 

Q: What inspires you to become the best version of yourself? 

A: My colleagues, my family, my friends, my heart and conscience, and the vision for my future self.

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