The Importance of Positive Affirmations

In an ever-stressful society, speaking kindly to yourself is more important than ever before. Positive affirmations are constructive phrases spoken internally or externally with the purpose of motivating and encouraging. Research into positive affirmations shows that routinely speaking reassuring phrases towards oneself reduces self-doubt and improves self-worth. The point of these phrases is to challenge your negative conceptions and rewire your brain into being confident and self-assured.

It may seem bizarre and awkward to repeat “I’m awesome” to yourself every morning, but the science doesn’t lie. While that specific phrase might not mean anything to you, it’s important to choose phrases that are inspiring and cater to your specific behavioral needs. If you are looking to practice positive affirmations but unsure where to start, here are some phrases to get you thinking:

“I am enough.”

A short but highly effective affirmation. This one is crucial in combating self-doubt. It’s open-ended enough to apply to all facets of life and can be customized to fit your individual needs. 

“Today, I will give my best. Whatever my best is today.”

It’s no secret that giving 110% every day in all aspects of life will lead to burnout. Some days are more productive than others for a variety of reasons. No matter what you are juggling, as long as you strive to give today’s best effort, you’re still making progress.

“I am moving forward towards my goals.”

The feeling of standing still is often feared in today’s fast-paced environment. Despite this, it’s important to recognize when you are still making progress, even if it’s a slow process. Putting in your best effort or improving a skill all bring you closer to your goals.

“Mistakes are proof that I am trying.”

Many people fear making mistakes, but they are a part of trying. Whether you are trying something new or old, mistakes are inevitable. Try not to view them as shortcomings, rather, view them as proof of your ability to put yourself out there and try.

“I believe in myself and my abilities.”

It can be hard to believe in yourself from time to time. You are your biggest critic, but you can also be your biggest motivator. Affirming your belief in your abilities will not only make you want to challenge yourself to improve them but will also give you the confidence to utilize your strengths.

While it may seem uncomfortable at first, repeating affirmations daily will help you improve your overall mindset. It will also create a habit of working towards establishing the best version of yourself.

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