Tips to Defeating Self-Doubt as an Entrepreneur

Overcoming self-doubt is one of the most challenging mental hurdles to get through in business. Entrepreneurs of all types, from the very accomplished to the ones just starting out, battle with self-doubt. It’s easy to understand why this happens; managing a business comes with ups and downs that require resilience and determination. We want to help you defeat the invisible barrier of self-doubt by offering a few things to consider the next time you find yourself feeling down:

Define your own progress. 

Everyone moves at their own pace, so don’t compare your progress to others around you. Set your own expectations and focus on yourself. Use the success of other entrepreneurs as motivation to help you achieve your own career goals. If you feel like you’re falling behind, just remember that building a business is a unique experience for every person who tries it. Shape your mindset to not worry about what others think. Work hard and stay committed to your plan and your goals.

Look at situations objectively.

Take a look at every situation from a different perspective than your own. A failed sales appointment or a tough day on the job isn’t a direct reflection of your skills or your work ethic. You may not be aware of other external factors that are impacting your performance. For example, potential clients could be facing financial difficulties or going through personal hardships. In some situations, they might’ve already formed a predefined opinion about your business that’s preventing them from having an open mindset.

Timing isn’t always going to be on your side and it’s difficult to break through these types of external factors. Take an empathetic approach and do your best to understand what the person across the table is going through. You can always circle back at a later time and make another attempt.

Don’t always seek validation.

Believe in your convictions and make decisions that you feel are in the best interest of your business. There’s nothing wrong with seeking advice from the people in your circle, but trust yourself and do what you think is best while continuing to follow your programs and stay on track. It’s great to hear advice from people around you as you prepare a presentation or complete a new project, but do your best not to lose your own voice during the process.

Trust yourself, define your own progress and look at situations objectively to overcome self-doubt as an entrepreneur. Believing in yourself and maintaining a strong work ethic is the best way to move toward achieving your goals. There will be challenging times as you build a business from the floor up. Keep your head up and remind yourself how far you’ve already come.

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